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5 Re-readings

í 2 — Re-readings
February 12, 2015

series of 6, due March 19

weekly typographic experiments, 10 × 10 inches each

Over the first half of the semester, you will make a series of typographic compositions based on a short phrase of your choosing (approximately two to five words). How many different readings / meanings can you extract from this same set of words? How many different ways can you (re)produce this text?

Each week you will bring in at least two new, entirely different compositions that reflect
or interrogate the meaning of your text. You will be working with the same text each week, so choose it wisely! By spring break, you will each have a series of six compositions which live together as a coherent yet varied family.

All compositions should be primarily — if not exclusively — typographic, but don’t let that be limiting. Think about ways of making typography that doesn’t originate or reside solely on the computer. Surprise us.

focus — idea, variation, experimentation, type as image, working in series, (re)readings

Feb 12 — assignment given
Feb 19 — text selected
Feb 26 — first compositions
Mar 5 — second compositions
Mar 12 — third compositions
Mar 19 — series of 6 due

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