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å Thursday, March 5th, 2015

í 3 — RISD Museum mobile site/app
March 5, 2015

final due April 9

screen, color, type + image

March 5 — assignment given
March 12 — defined purpose, collected content,
macro/micro sketches
March 19 — full sketches
March 26 — spring break
April 2 — detail development
April 9 — final due

Building upon the poster you have created for the RISD Museum, design a mobile website (or app) for the museum which extends and expands upon the typographic system you have created. It does not need to match your poster directly, but should be related in some way. Think cousins, rather than twins.

First, define the focus and purpose of your app/site. Who is your audience? (Potential visitors in search of practical information? Current visitors at the museum looking to navigate their way to a particular artwork, or wanting more information about an exhibit? RISD students doing research for class or independently? Etc.)

Think about how the app/site will be used, by whom, and in what context. What information should be included? What can be left out? Collect and edit the information you will include, using source material from your poster and from the current RISD Museum site. You may include images if appropriate.

Remember: Scale works very differently on a handheld device than it does on a poster. Consider — and design for — interaction. You may present static screenshots, but you should indicate the flow. (I know this goes against the best practices of responsive design, but…) Pick the device you are designing for, and use the appropriate screen dimensions. You should include at least six (6) distinct screen images.

Consider hierarchy, structure, and balance as you create a dynamic, functional design.

focus — organization, hierarchy, scale, function, form and variation, color, detail, typeface choice, design for screen

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