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å Thursday, April 2nd, 2015


*A app that allows RISD students to access the art/design content that goes on  in the RISD Museum*


í 4 — Catalogue
April 2, 2015

two copies due May 14

A museum exhibition occurs in a particular place and time. Often, after it closes, the work is distributed and dispersed, and the catalogue is the only record that remains.

Design the catalogue for an exhibition or collection of your choosing, or one of your own creation.

You may start with an existing exhibition or exhibition catalogue, but your task is not simply to redesign the pages, but to reconsider the structure, the contents, the accompanying text(s). In your role as designer, you will also act as author, editor, and curator.

You may also create your own speculative exhibition or collection, out of existing visual material found in other collections, books, or on the internet.

Some potential sources:
RISD’s Picture Collection
Providence Public Library’s Special Collections
The Internet Archive
Wikimedia Commons
Library of Congress
Flickr Commons

Your catalogue should include at least two texts of significant length. These may be directly related to the work (written by or about the artist, for instance), or may be more tangentially or thematically related.

Your catalogue does not need to follow a standard book structure, but should include all of the standard parts of a book of this type: images, running text, captions, notes, front matter, back matter, folios, etc., though they do not need to be handled in a “standard” way.

focus — organization, hierarchy, scale, function, form and variation, color, detail, typeface choice, type and image, book structure, legibility, readability

two copies due May 14

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